Energy Properties A – I

AMMONITE:  Aids those who suffer from depression;neutralizes harmful thoughts; opens paths to deep meditation.

BANDED BARITE:  Transforms ancient hatred to present love; increases understanding that all things are possible; activates and clears personal energy blockages.

BLUE LACE AGATE:  Engenders peace, tranquility and calmness; increases ability to express feelings; eases tension and the effects of stress.

CHAROITE:  Facilitates acceptance of others; transforms negative into positive energy; and enhances one’s giving nature.

COPPER BRICK:  Empowers mental agility; combats lethargy, passivity and restlessness; and stimulates initiative, optimism and diplomacy.

DRUZY AGATE:  Amplifies the body’s natural healing properties; strengthens one’s spirit; provides balance necessary to avoid depression.

FORDITE (aka DETROIT AGATE):  Collectable antique automotive paint specimens.  The outdated process of applying paint to vehicles caused over-spray onto the chamber walls, tracks and skids.  Multiple layers built up and were baked many times in the car body ovens – which hardened it.  Color layers are plant specific and make/model/color dependent. Original supply is now extinct.

HONEYCOMB CALCITE:  Enhances one’s will and self confidence; Brings new hope and optimism; Cleanses the mind of stored negative energy.