Energy Properties J – R

LABRADORITE:  Strengthens one’s will and feelings of inner worth; builds inner resolve, perseverance and purpose; assists with reducing stress and anxiety.

LAKE SUPERIOR AGATE:  Gives confidence when up against the unknown; strengthens physical endurance; balances one’s physical, emotional and intellectual states.

LAPIS LACE ONYX:  Assists with challenges in life; prevents draining of personal energy; shelters from physical and psychic attacks.

LARIMAR:  Calms and balances excess energies; reflects the “sea” in all consciousness levels; assists women in gaining strength & confidence.

METEORITE: Helps one listen to their intuition; deepens meditation; opens one to the beauty & clarity of the universe.

MOHAWKITE:  Brings recognition of what needs to be improved; helps one be open to the energy of others; removes inner turmoil.

MUGGLESTONE / TIGER IRON:  Promotes physical vitality, energy & stamina; relieves mental exhaustion; gives personal strength in times of change.

PALLASITE:  Stone of astrologers and healers.  Provides protection of home and workplace; assists with life transformations; and enables successful finances and prosperity.

PETOSKEY STONE:  Enhances organizational abilities; brings happiness and a positive outlook; increases physical endurance.

PIETERSITE: Purifies one’s body and energy; enhances strength, courage & willpower; assists in recognizing the beauty of the soul